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Las Vegas Raiders Cornerback Nate Hobbs Arrested For DUI




Las Vegas Raiders rookie cornerback Nate Hobbs has been arrested for DUI just hours after his team’s huge win over the Indianapolis Colts

According to TMZ, Hobbs was arrested earlier Monday morning after police found him passed out in his car at The Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas.

Witnesses say they saw Hobbs asleep at the wheel on a parking lot exit ramp, before police arrived to check if he was ok.

Officers then eventually arrested Hobbs after he failed a number of roadside sobriety tests.


Raiders’ head coach Rich Bisaccia has said in a statement that he and the team are aware of Hobbs’ arrest and are trying to collect as much information as they can.

“We’re just trying to collect as much information as we possibly can on what exactly happened and what the situation is and where he’s at with that,” he said.

The arrest comes just two months after Hobbs’ former Raiders teammate, Henry Ruggs, crashed his car into 23-year-old Tina Tintor’s Rav4, killing her. Read more about this story here.