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Lily Allen Sparks Marriage Rumours With David Harbour On ‘Instagram Live’




Lily Allen and her partner David Harbour are setting a rumour mill spinning.

The couple were together during a live stream on Instagram, hosted by Allen, where users began commenting on their relationship.

Initially, the live stream consisted of the 34-year-old telling viewers that she and Harbour were self-isolating separately, before introducing him to the Instagram Live.

One fan asked how many copies of No Shame were sold, to which Lily joked only 5,000 copies, before saying, “I’m serious. That’s how bad things are these days. You think you married a pop star? You didn’t,” she directed to David.


The plot thickens because as the Smile singer uttered those words, she promptly retracted the comment, claiming, “Not that we’re married. We’re not married, I just want to make sure you know.” before Harbour added, “But she is my wife,” with Lily ending the topic by saying, “Yes we do pretend,”

Fans are now convinced that Harbour and Allen had a secret wedding — but unCrazed can confirm this is untrue; the couple are currently dating, but with no plans to wed.

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