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Logan Paul Strips Naked For A Fetal Position-Photograph On 25th Birthday




Logan Paul wanted to share his birthday-suit on his 25th birthday. 

The actor and entertainer took off his clothes for a photo, snapped by Maclin Bilski, that in its twelfth minute of upload received over 130,000 likes on Instagram.

Paul wrote as the caption, “Today I turn 25-years-old, which mean I’m 16.67% of the way through my life because I plan on living to 150 so I can witness extraterrestrial life, flying cars, and exploit my grandkid’s grandkids on YouTube… then, when the time comes, I will die on Mars (Elon Musk I could use your help getting there). So here’s to another 125 years!”

Mike Majlak, his best friend and co-host of the Impaulsive podcast (the #1 podcast IN the world), wrote, “My little bro ain’t so little no more … Happy Birthday. Many many more,”


Happy Birthday, Logan!

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