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Logan Paul Keeps Security “Everywhere, At All Times” After Mayweather Threat




Popular YouTube star and boxer Logan Paul says he is taking extra security precautions after Floyd Mayweather allegedly told his younger brother “I’ll kill you”.

The threat made by Mayweather came after a press conference in which Logan’s brother Jake, stole the former professional boxer’s hat. The conference was to promote the pair’s upcoming fight on June 6th.

Though many assume the threat to be a further means to promote the scheduled fight, Logan claims to have implemented security “everywhere, at all times.”

Speaking to TMZ, Logan stated, “when you have a guy with the resources and wealth that Floyd Mayweather has, and the connection and the network, and he’s saying s*** like ‘I’m gonna kill that motherf*****’. Kill? Death? You’re gonna kill my brother over a f****** hat? Yeah, we take that s*** seriously, man.”


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