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Logan Paul Loses Appeal Over 2-Point Deduction In KSI Fight



Logan Paul has congratulated KSI on his official victory in the rematch fight in November.

The YouTuber and now professional boxer fought against the U.K.’s undisputed KSI, where he committed an illegal boxing manoeuvre.

During the fight, Paul punched KSI to the back of the head as he fell to the ground, to which the referee deducted 2 points from the fighter, a decision that the 24-year-old filed an official appeal against to the California State Athletic Commission.

In Logan’s response to the situation, he said, “My team and I have decided to file an official appeal for the fight because we just don’t believe that the outcome was right. By no means am I afraid of losing, but I truthfully 100% believe I did not lose this fight.”


Fast-forward to now, and the appeal has been investigated by Andy Foster at the California State Athletic Commission, and the results are in. KSI is the overall winner, the only winner at that. In the CSAC’s response to Paul, they said, “I followed some of your comments in social media and you stated you don’t feel like you lost, or something to that effect. This may be because you won the rounds with points by two judges.

You lost this boxing contest due to the fouls committed and the subsequent point deductions. With his authority provided by California Code of Regulations section 342, Jack Reiss acted within his discretion by crediting you a knockdown and then deducting 2 points for the fouls. KSI won the match under the rules of the Commission. You were ahead of two cards, but KSI won the net points due to point deductions from the fouls you committed.”

Logan admits the only person he was fighting during the contest was himself, and hopes someday he can become his own supporter rather than his own worst enemy.

Congratulations, KSI.


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