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Mariah Carey And The 22 Year Challenge, Nevermind The 10 Year Challenge



? © David Shankbone

Mariah Carey… if you haven’t already got the earworm lyrics, IIIIIIIII, don’t want a lot for Christmas… then you do now.

You have probably noticed the 10-year challenge on your social media timeline over the last couple of weeks and you may have even contributed but we can’t help but think it would have been more satisfying for that challenge to have taken place in 2020 — for us OCD folk.

Mariah semi-took part in the challenge, by uploading two of the same image on Instagram, captioning, “I don’t get this 10 year challenge, time is not something I acknowledge. ?‍♀️ *Picture taken at some point prior to today,”.


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That made us intrigued to conduct a simple search on her ageing-process over the last 10 years and it left us feeling somewhat disappointed and shocked.

? © John Mathew Smith/David Shankbone/WBLS/unCrazed Composite

She hasn’t aged!

So it poses the question, surgery or good genes?