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Mark Zuckerberg Battles Facebook PR Crisis



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Mark Zuckerberg is once again under the spotlight this week.

NBC News is reporting that Mark’s personal security chief has been accused of sexual misconduct, racism and homophobia, claiming that comments have been made about Priscilla Chan — his wife.

Liam Booth, a former Secret Service officer, has allegations against him brought by former employees of the Facebook CEO’s household staff.

Letters were sent regarding the allegations to The Bloom Firm, a law office that is representing the employees. Liam has now been placed on administrative leave, and the Zuckerberg family are conducting an investigation into the allegations.


A spokesperson for the Chan Zuckerberg family office has said, “The family office takes complaints of workplace misconduct very seriously and our human resources team promptly investigates all such matters.

The allegations against Liam Booth were brought to the office’s attention for the first time by The Bloom Firm after both former employees had left employment by the family office and engaged legal counsel.

As soon as The Bloom Firm presented these allegations, the family office engaged Munger, Tolles & Olson, an outside law firm, to conduct an investigation of all allegations made by The Bloom Firm to determine whether the claims have merit.”

The investigation is still “ongoing,” and Liam will remain on administrative leave “pending the completion of this investigation.”


Some investors have called for Mark to step down as chairman, claiming it would help him focus on running Facebook. Senior vice-president of Trillium Asset Management, an investor that owns shares in Facebook worth around $7 million, Jonas Kron, has said, “If he can focus on being the CEO, and let somebody else focus on being independent board chair, that would be a much better situation.”

A vote was held to force him to step down, but as Mark controls around 60% of the voting power, he would need to vote against himself to lose his position.

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