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Matt Damon Turned Down Role In James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’




Matt Damon confessed that his biggest professional regret was turning down a role in James Cameron‘s hit film ‘Avatar‘ which included 10% share in profits.

The 2009 cinematic behemoth grossed $2.8 billion and Damon revealed he would have taken home 10% of the sum, if he’d only accepted the role.

“I was offered a little movie called Avatar, James Cameron offered me 10% of it.” Said Damon during a masterclass at Cannes Film Festival. “I will go down in history… you will never meet an actor who turned down more money.”

He added that he’d shared his professional blunder with fellow actor and writer, John Krasinski. “When I told John Krasinski this story, we were writing Promised Land and we were in my kitchen. And he launched out of his seat and goes ‘okay, okay, okay. Okay’. He goes ‘you know nothing in your life would be different if you’d done Avatar. Except you and me, we’d be having this conversation in space’.”


Matt Damon was at Cannes promoting his new film ‘Stillwater‘ – a crime drama following an Oklahoma father who rushes to help his estranged daughter, imprisoned in France for murder. The film is available in cinemas now.

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