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Miley Cyrus Settles $300 Million ‘We Can’t Stop’ Copyright Infringement Lawsuit



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Miley Cyrus has reached a settlement in the $300 million We Can’t Stop lawsuit. 

On December 12, 2019, the 27-year-old’s lawyers submitted a settlement agreement that would be filed “pending payment of the settlement proceeds.”

She was accused by Jamaican songwriter Michael May of copyright infringement, with May claiming Cyrus stole his song, We Run Things, that was released in 1988.

May claimed that Miley stole the majority of his original song, including the lyrics “We run things. Things no run we,” which Cyrus says in We Can’t Stop, “We run things. Things don’t run we,” — Michael says this is almost identical.


On Friday, Sony Corp’s RCA Records, Miley, Michael filed legal documentation to dismiss the lawsuit “with prejudice,” in Manhattan federal court. The settlement has been agreed and sources claim that both parties are satisfied with the result; hence the dismissal of the lawsuit by Cyrus and May.

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