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Nelly Requests Identity Of Woman Suing For Sexual Assault



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Nelly demanded that a judge reveal the identity of the woman suing him for sexual assault but has been shut down. 

In legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, a federal judge has ruled that her identity should be Jane Doe, and the woman does not have to identify herself.

In Nelly’s argument to have her name revealed was citing a case against Tupac Shakur from 23 years ago. In response, the judge states, “As made evident by the more recent cases cited above, courts now place more weight on the psychological trauma faced by victims of sexual assault, the easy public access of court records online, and the deterrent effect that “outing” a sexual assault victim may have on other victims.

Second, the plaintiff in Shakur conceded that her name, residence, and place of employment were already known to the press, rendering public identification in court filings a moot issue.”


According to the judge, he says Nelly and his lawyers know the name of the woman, and it doesn’t need to have a public reveal.

The order says, “The Court is also mindful of the strong public interest in protecting the identities of sexual assault victims so as not to deter other victims from reporting crimes against them.

Having considered and weighed the interests herein, the Court concludes that the interest in preserving Plaintiff’s privacy by use of a pseudonym outweighs the public interest in ascertaining her true name, and so Plaintiff will be allowed to proceed under a pseudonym in the instant case.”

Nelly demanded the court either reveal the woman’s identity or completely dismiss the lawsuit, furthering that Jane Doe made similar allegations in other legal proceedings and says she shouldn’t be able to hide “behind a cloak of anonymity.” nor avoid public scrutiny.


Jane Doe sued Nelly in November in relation to an alleged sexual assault in 2017 after a concert, claiming he exposed himself and masturbated in front of her, then allegedly forced his erect penis inside her mouth.

Nelly’s girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, has also been sued by the woman for defamation after she allegedly made comments on social media.

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