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Nick Cannon’s Five-Month-Old Son Has Died




Nick Cannon has announced the passing of his five-month-old son. 

In the latest episode of The Nick Cannon Show, the comedian shared that his 5-month-old son, Zen, has died after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

“I’ve had a tough, a very tough weekend” he told his audience.

Born in June to Nick and model Alyssa Scott, Zen suffered a build-up of fluid on the brain before it was discovered he had a “malignant tumour in his head.”



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“Immediately we had to have surgery, brain surgery, and we put a shunt in his head, and we were hoping for the best.”

Nick said that they remained faithful and hopeful, and “took the opportunity to embrace every moment.” He remembers his son as “the most loving… he was always smiling, always having the most beautiful spirit.”


After Thanksgiving, Cannon said that things took a turn and “the tumour began to grow a lot faster.”

“This weekend, I made a valid effort to spend the most quality time I could spend with Zen. And we woke up on Sunday, and I was like, I just want to go to the water and close to the ocean.”

He said holding his son for the last time was “still a beautiful setting.”

“You never know what somebody is going through, hug your people, hug your family, kiss somebody, tell them you love them,” he ends the show.


His story was met with cheers from the audience and an abundance of supportive messages across social media.

Rest in Peace, Zen.

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