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Nicki Minaj And Boris Johnson In Bizarre Anti-Vax Clash




Last night Nicki Minaj took to Twitter with a personal message for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

There has been a Twitter storm surrounding Nicki Minaj over the last few days.

She has now left a voice note for Boris Johnson, requesting to speak;

The events that have lead up to this have many confused, so we have complied a complete timeline.

It started with Minaj claiming her cousins’ friend’s testicles have swollen up due to having the coronavirus vaccine;

This led to Professor Chris Whitty criticising Minaj’s comments on the vaccine, claiming “she should be ashamed of herself.”


Also in the video, we see PM Boris Johnson saying he is not familiar with Minaj’s work, which lead the star to leave Johnson a message;

Minajย fans, or ‘barbz’ have said this is the voice of one of Minaj’s alter-ego’s ‘Martha‘.


British ‘journalist’ Piers Morgan got involved with the Twitter ‘beef’.

Minaj replied dispelling the claims that she has ever met Morgan, Minaj replied telling Morgan to “stop fckng lying”


A Twitter user pointed out that Minaj has in fact been on America’s Got Talent as a guest, Minaj simply replied “that’s not me”

Social media can’t decide if Minaj is trolling, or if she genuinely hasn’t met Morgan.

The Super-bass singer has said also replied to British journalist Laura Kuenssberg who joined with Morgan.

However true or untrue, hopefully Minaj carries on coming for British journalists and politicians because it’s the best entertainment we’ve had all year.

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