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NikkieTutorials Shares Feminising Makeup Hacks After Coming Out As Transgender




NikkieTutorials has debuted some of her feminising makeup hacks during a very personal video since coming out as transgender.

The 26-year-old makeup and beauty guru who rose to fame on YouTube for her outstanding makeup tutorials has shared some of the best tips and tricks, in partnership with KVD Vegan Beauty.

She explained in the video, “For the longest time, I wasn’t ready … I’m finally ready to sit down and tell you techniques and ways to make your face more feminine. I think it is disgusting that we live in a world where only if you look cis, where you look like a biological woman, you get to pass as a trans person – that is unacceptable, and I’m still fighting for that every single day. But this video isn’t for society.

This video isn’t to please others. This is a video for anybody out there to find new techniques to alter your look. At the end of the day, that’s what makeup is for.”


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