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Opinion: Mark Zuckerberg Conspires To Destroy “The Age of Screens”




Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerburg is going all in, on his new concept the Metaverse. Going as far as renaming Facebook, Meta.

Mark Zuckerberg boasts the noble aim of “connecting people” in creating the Metaverse – a new reality, removing the inconveniences of real life, allowing people to appear as they want to be, having anything they desire, and providing a new social space for all.



You’ll be able to relax, work, game and socialise all in one place, under the caring and watchful eye of Mark.

Zuckerberg would attempt to make screens obsolete, replacing them with a headset.

Yet this would come at a cost, and could be seen as escaping real life. When it gets as good, or even better than reality, addiction would creep in. And with people spending more and more time building a perfect life for their avatar, what will happen to us?


A great example of the future Metaverse is Ready Player One, where the real world became so neglected that the Metaverse was all people had.

?  Ready Player One / IMDb

What does did the public think to this?

On YouTube , both the likes and comments are hidden…yet looking far enough, interesting responses can be found.

“If you die in the MetaVerse, you die in real life”

“Hey bro, you wanna hang out this weekend?”


“Sorry man, gotta do my prison tasks in the meta-verse or I’ll be banned”

“The digital render of Zuckerberg still looks more realistic than the real one”

Facebook is f***ing evil.”

?  The Matrix (1999) / IMDb

Despite this criticism of social media, Meta is not the only company in the the race, with Microsoft declaring the creation of their own Metaverse.

That’s all for today, see you in the Matrix!


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