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PayPal Cockblock Pornhub Adult Performers



? Marco Verch/Pornhub/PayPal/unCrazed Composite

PayPal has pulled out of the adult entertainment industry and stopped payments to adult performers.

Pornstars, aka adult performers, are being choked by PayPal after the mainstream online currency company are blocking Pornhub from their service.

Independent porn actors were given the news on Wednesday evening after PayPal joined multiple other banks and applications that are refusing to allow them to receive payment for professional adult videos that are shared on Pornhub.

The porn-giant website allows for independent performers to sell their own videos, and a payment method has been PayPal, until now.


Other major banks including Bank of America, Square, JP Morgan Chase and Capital One have pulled out of the Pornhub business already, with PayPal being the last to block the porn industry.

We have spoken with one adult entertainer who tells us his livelihood relied on regular payments from his videos, explaining that “each month I make around $570” that goes towards “rent payments and general bills” — like many in his situation, “I have seen this months payment returned into my account with no checkout option.”

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