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Prada Start Huge TikTok Campaign



Bella Porch with teddy

Prada has challenged people to “show your Prada side” by creating a video wearing a one of their bucket hats, one of the brand’s most popular items right now.

With it being revealed that Miucca Prada is obsessed with TikTok, no one is surprised that Prada have now started their own challenge.

The fashion brand has enlisted the help of some of TikTok’s most popular creators for the bucket hat campaign, and the Prada Bucket Challenge is now going viral on TikTok.

@bellapoarchA great hat can change your day🎩✨ @Prada ##PradaBucketChallenge



Reactions in the fashion world have been mixed.

Fashion blog High Fashion Talk discussed the flaws to the trend, and suggested the trend is a slightly shallow attempt to infiltrate the buying potential of TikTok.

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Prada fans do not seem to have enjoyed the challenge.

Comments included “@nancilionezThis is how you know a brand has gone downhill 😬” and “@zr_tiger:This is how you know a brand is going from luxury to “people who want to look rich”


Ellissa Bain of HITC wrote: “Show us your Prada side: what can wearing the bucket hat do to your mood?” Prada states on the TikTok challenge page, encouraging people to show off their hats.

Except, most of the world can’t take part in the challenge because they don’t own a bucket hat, so are excluded from the campaign.

So, if you think about it, the Prada Bucket Challenge is actually just a group of elite TikTok users who are fortunate enough to own a Prada bucket hat flexing on the rest of TikTok.”

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