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Busting the Headlines

Prince William Isn’t Seizing The Throne Nor Accusing Prince Charles Of Murder



? Robert Payne

Now, I have read some outlandish headlines in recent years — but this has to be the most ridiculous fabrication… ever.

Prince William has been accused by Globe of trying to seize the throne and allegedly accusing his father, Prince Charles, of murder. False, false, false. Absolutely disgusting headline, and surprisingly people believe it.

We have debunked false headlines in recent weeks from the sister publications of Globe which suggests a trend in fake news still running strong. The quote used in the article says, “Prince William has snatched the throne from his own father as astounding new evidence proves Prince Charles murdered his first wife, Princess Diana,” — pardon? 

Here’s where the tale starts to play out more like an episode of Eastenders (a UK drama soap for our non-UK readers); they continue the story, “You killed my mother! I have proof!”, Prince William said (didn’t) whilst he allegedly “confronted” his father. Followed by, “You are unfit to rule and can never be king,” 


If that didn’t make you laugh, they continue the article, “a secret witness who knows everything about Charles’ plot to make Diana disappear,” allegedly had “the brakes on Diana’s limo… tampered with,”.

They go on to talk about Prince William having investigators and forensic experts help him crack the case. 

It’s completely bogus. In fact, under the Act of Settlement of 1701 (yes, over 300 years old), any change to succession has to be done via a law enacted by Parliament. Somehow we don’t believe that could have slipped through the mainstream media net.