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R. Kelly Slams Alleged Victims, Calls Them “Disgruntled Groupies”



R. Kelly
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R. Kelly filed legal documentations that lashes out at his alleged victims, where he calls them “disgruntled groupies.”

The R&B singer’s documentation asks a federal judge to release him from jail before his pending trial — with his lawyer claiming he doesn’t represent a threat and the allegations against him are false.

The documents say the “groupies sought our Robert’s attention, even fought each other for it, voluntarily contacted him, came to his shows, pined to be with him,”

According to R. Kelly’s lawyers, the government is trying to paint a picture of a nefarious pattern; saying it all adds up to “five disgruntled groupies, not all of which are alleged to be underage, who now show groupie remorse so many years later and only after a TV show and an aggressive, vocal, Cook County prosecutor makes a public cry for ‘victims come forth,’ tell you story and be famous.”


It goes further, with his lawyers saying one alleged victim was not a minor when she first contacted him, and allegedly “wanted him so much that she alleges that she did not require or even request that a condom be used.”

This alleged victim also accused R. Kelly of giving her herpes, to which his lawyers say she was “admittedly promiscuous,” and law enforcement never dived into other sexual partners she encountered.

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