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R. Kelly: ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary Causing Trouble For Pending Trial



R. Kelly

R. Kelly wants to select the jurors for his upcoming trial – or at least have anyone that’s watched Surviving R. Kelly out of the hat.

The 55-year-old I Believe I Can Fly singers legal team filed a motion to rule out any jurors who may hold a bias against him due to watching the docuseries. As you may know, his second federal trial is set to begin in Chicago with him facing charges of child porn and obstruction of justice. Another sting for the R&B singer is that an alleged victim from his 2008 case is penned in to testify against him.

According to legal documents, “Any potential juror who has seen any portion of Surviving R. Kelly is prejudiced where there’s no scenario which an individual exposed to the contents of Surviving R. Kelly can be impartial.” The jury selection is due to begin on Monday, with Kelly‘s legal team filing this motion Monday, August 15, 2022. 

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