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Rachel Zegler Receives Late Invite To Present At The Oscars




Rachel Zegler has received an invitation to present at the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony.

The actress’s late invitation follows outrage from fans, who were shocked to learn that she would not be present at the Oscars, despite multiple nominations for her film, West Side Story.

Zegler starred in the Steven Spielberg musical as Maria, the star-crossed lover of Tony (played by Ansel Elgort), who are kept apart by their affiliations to opposing street gangs, the Sharks and the Jets.

The 20-year-old revealed her lack of invitation in the comments section of a recent Instagram post, stating that she would celebrate at home in “sweatpants and my boyfriends flannel.”


Later writing that she had “tried it all”, Zegler said that she was hoping for a “last-minute miracle” and thanked fans for their outrage.

Taking to Twitter to express her gratitude again on Monday, Zegler wrote: “My goodness, folks!! Appreciate all the support, I really really do. We live in such unprecedented times, and a lot of work behind the scenes goes into making movie magic happen.”

“That goes for films (like the one I am so lucky to be currently shooting in London) and award shows alike.” She added, “Let’s all just respect the process and I’ll get off my phone.”

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Rachel Zegler has officially received an invitation to be a presenter at the awards ceremony.

Currently filming for Disney’s live-action Snow White – in which she will also star – the studio is said to be rearranging the production schedule to accommodate her attendance at the Oscars.

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