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Raye “Excited” After Leaving Former Record Label




Pop singer Raye has said she is “excited” to finally be “independent” after officially leaving her old record label.

Back in July, Raye announced on Twitter that she and her record label, Polydor, had decided to part ways. She cited “different goals artistically” as the reason for her departure.

“Today, I am speaking to you as an independent artist,” she wrote.

Polydor and I have spoken and we have agreed to part ways. I want to say a big genuine thank you to the Polydor team, and all the individuals who have fought for me, believed in me and worked for hard for me across the years.”


Now in an interview with Sky during the GQ Awards, Raye reiterated her excitement: “I’m excited for my next chapter, really excited. I’m independent, free and I’m about to just really just express myself.”

The Call On Me and Love Of Your Life singer added, “I’m going to do a couple of features this year, process everything and come strong next year with my own music.”

“I think I was very bound to having to make one specific type of music,” She explained of her previous partnership with Polydor.


“I’m a songwriter, I have so much to express and just want to do it all. I’m really excited to have no boundaries. Free music without boxes.”

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