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RAYE Says She Was “Ready To Just Give Up” After Label Dispute




RAYE has said that she was nearly ready to quit music during her dispute with her previous record label Polydor.

The singer was involved in a public dispute with Polydor in July, after she accused the label of preventing her from releasing her debut album.

Later that month, RAYE then announced on Twitter that her and Polydor had agreed terms to split and end her contract.

Now, speaking to The Guardian, RAYE has said that the whole situation with the label nearly caused her to “quit music”.


“I was ready to just give up and not be an artist any more. I felt better but I also felt terrified. I’d put my neck on the line,” she said.

RAYE added that she was thankful that Polydor agreed to let her go otherwise things may have gone “dark”.

“The fact that they did let me go, I’m so grateful because it could have gone all matters of dark. The s**t I have been through, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies,” she said.

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