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Robert De Niro Shouts At His Driver Outside Of Divorce Court



Legendary actor Robert De Niro was spotted outside of a New York City court on Thursday and expected his driver to be waiting… but Robert was left unpleased by the fact the driver wasn’t present. 

In a series of video footage that has surfaced from various media outlets, Robert can be seen standing outside of a divorce court where he is hoping to settle his divorce from his estranged wife, Grace Hightower, holding a mobile phone to his ear shouting “where the f*** are you?”, whilst two members of his team hold newspapers to cover his face.

Robert can be heard saying “where are you? Where the f*** are you, man? You were supposed to be right in front of where you dropped us…” — ending the call, Robert tells a photographer to “stop” taking pictures but the photographer continues leading Robert to wait inside the court until his driver arrives.

You can almost feel his Taxi Driver character in this video — you talkin’ to me?