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Robert De Niro Sued By Former Assistant Over Discrimination Allegation



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Robert De Niro has been sued by his former assistant for allegedly making sexually charged comments to her.

The 76-year-old has been sued by Graham Chase Robinson claiming that Robert was “hostile, abusive, and intimidating,” towards her when she was hired in 2008.

In the new lawsuit, Graham claims that De Niro referred to her as “a bitch” and “a brat” furthering that he referred to a female business partner as a “c***”

Graham also claims that he would joke about his Viagra prescription, allegedly asking her to “imagine him on the toilet.” — the former assistant also says he would often lash out at her whilst under the influence.


In a voicemail that has been used as an exhibit in the lawsuit, De Niro says, “You f***** don’t answer my calls? How dare you. You’re about to be fired. How dare you?” furthering, “Don’t f****** get angry with me ’cause I’m p***** off ’cause I didn’t get a simple thing that I need right now … you gotta be f****** kidding me, you spoiled brat! F*** you!”

Robert’s attorney, Tom Harvey, has said the allegations “are beyond absurd.”

In August, Robert sued Graham for allegedly watching 55 episodes of Friends over a 4-day period alongside using the company credit card for luxurious trips and lunches.

Graham’s lawsuit is asking for $12 million in damages for gender-based harassment and back wages.


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