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Robin Williams: Daughter Zelda Donates $69.69 To Homeless Shelters On Late Actors 69th Birthday




Zelda Williams, the daughter of late comedian-actor Robin Williams, is celebrating his 69th birthday and donating to homeless shelters.

The 30-year-old director and actress shared her mission on social media explaining that she will be donating $69.69 to as many local homeless shelters possible in honour of his 69th birthday.

She wrote, “Today would’ve been Dad’s 69th birthday, so to honour him (& that glorious number), I will be donating $69.69 to as many local homeless shelters as I can. Join me if you like, but regardless, know I am wishing you all at least one, hearty, immature belly laugh on Dad today,”

In August 2014, at the age of 63 after being diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, Robin was found dead after committing suicide at his home.

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