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Roddy Ricch Deactivates Social Media After Backlash Over New Song




Roddy Ricch has deactivated both his Instagram and Twitter accounts after receiving negative comments from his fans.

The 23-year-old rapper shared a snippet of a new track titled Out My Mind on Saturday, and just minutes after posting the teaser fans began criticising his new sound and direction.

One fan commented on the teaser “We need 2019 Roddy back cus wtf is this?,” while another wrote “It ain’t even that bad but I know Roddy can do way better.”

The comments from fans clearly didn’t sit well with Ricch, who just a few hours later, wrote on his Instagram story: “I guess Ima flop now. Sh*t crazy,” before posting a peace sign and deactivating both of his social media accounts.



Some fans, however, did come to Ricch’s defence, with one fan writing: “I honestly don’t blame Roddy Ricch for getting off Twitter and Instagram.

He put out a solid project that took years to make and every move he made, people would tell him his project was mid or trash.”

It’s currently unclear if Ricch will be returning to social media anytime soon as at the time of writing both his Instagram and Twitter account are still deactivated.

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