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Ryan Adams Breaks Social Media Silence After Sexual Misconduct Allegations



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Ryan Adams has broken his social media silence after he denied allegations of sexual misconduct earlier this year. 

The country-singer denied earlier this year a count of sexual misconduct, and an attorney for the singer said at the time, “Mr. Adams unequivocally denies that he ever engaged in inappropriate online sexual communications with someone he knew was underage.”

Ryan later tweeted, “”I am not a perfect man and I have made many mistakes. To anyone I have ever hurt, however unintentionally, I apologize deeply and unreservedly.

But the picture that this article paints is upsettingly inaccurate. Some of its details are misrepresented; some are exaggerated; some are outright false. I would never have inappropriate interactions with someone I thought was underage. Period.”


His ex-wife, Mandy Moore, voice her support for Ryan’s accusers, saying, “Speaking your truth can be painful and triggering but it’s always worth it. My heart is with all women who has suffered any sort of trauma or abuse. You are seen and heard.”

During an interview for WTF with Marc Maron she said that when married to Ryan, his behaviour was allegedly controlling, explaining, “It’s not like I completely stopped working. I would do things here or there, but it became abundantly clear while I was working, things would completely fall apart at home … there was just a constant stream of trying to pay attention to this person who needed me and wouldn’t let me do anything else.”

In a new post on Twitter, Ryan has said, “I have a lot to say. I am going to. Soon. Because the truth matters. I know who I am. What I am. It’s time people know. Past time. All the beauty in a life cannot be reduced to rubble for lies. This madness.

My work was a map for the lost. Not a billboard. So soon.”


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