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‘American Horror Story’ Creator Ryan Murphy & David Miller Are Expecting Their Third Child Together




Ryan Murphy has quietly announced that he is expecting his third child with husband David Miller.

The American Horror Story creator told Architectural Digest that he was preparing to welcome his third child with Miller later this year.

The 54-year-old will be adding to his family of four, with their newborn joining their two songs, Logan and Ford, “in August” this year.

He explained, “We are expecting another baby, a boy, in August,” which he added towards the end of his article where he discusses his career and at the point of having Logan was a huge change to the family dynamic.


Murphy said, “My career took off right around the time we had Logan, in 2012, and I went from one of two shows to sometimes 12. Those shows, too, were often colourful and baroque. One day, it suddenly dawned on my that I wanted to live with less: less colour, less clutter, fewer things. An edited life.”


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