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Ryan Reynolds Cheats On Blake Lively?



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Ryan Reynolds didn’t cheat on Blake Lively, and they aren’t heading for a divorce. 

OK! pushed a story that reads “Blake & Ryan did he cheat? Lies, tears and Betrayal” — that alone is a false claim.

Diving into the pot of fabrication with a smidge of complete lies, they cite their “insider,” by saying, “People in their social circles have been whispering about it. [She knows] there were days Ryan was in L.A. alone, surrounded by God knows who, while she was home taking care of the kids.”

Their alleged source continues by claiming Blake is usually “the kind of person to shrug off these types of rumours … this one won’t seem to go away” — and in a shocking development, they say, “True or not, no woman ever wants to hear that her husband may have cheated … Blake must be very upset, and no one could blame her for feeling betrayed.”


We have a new name for OK! — OK! Fiction — kind of like, OK Google… you get it? Sorry.

Citing our own source here, we have spoken to an actual insider that tells us none of this is true, in fact, the couple recently had some social media banter; Blake left a comment on Ryan’s Instagram page after he shared footage of the upcoming film Detective Pikachu with her saying, “Is it wrong to say I’d tap that??” — Ryan replied, “This is easily the best fan-fiction I’ve ever read.”

Rest easy knowing the adorable, fun-loving duo aren’t splitting up.