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Shane Dawson Returns With New Video On His 31st Birthday



? Twitter/Shane Dawson/unCrazed Composite

Shane Dawson has returned to YouTube after a 5 months hiatus… from uploading that is. 

The actor-director last uploaded on February 12, 2019, with the finale of his Conspiracy Theories series — racking over 70 million views combined of just two videos — that’s more than Netflix‘s latest original film, Murder Mystery, featuring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, which received just 30 million in the first week of release.

On his 31st birthday, Shane decided to pull an all-nighter after announcing earlier this week that he would be releasing some content for his YouTube channel and to keep him awake throughout the final editing stage, both creative-director Andrew Siwicki and Shane drank around 60 cans of A&W Diet Root Beer and Diet Coke Cola.


? Twitter/Shane Dawson

During his time off from uploading, Shane and his team haven’t taken a break from creating content, in fact, they are working on one of the biggest documentaries to drop on YouTube featuring Jeffree Star and the world of cosmetics.

A timestamp for the new video is due later today, but until then, we can only imagine that his much-anticipated return will draw in millions of supporters — we’ll keep you posted.

Happy Birthday, Mr Dawson!

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