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Shane Dawson Makes Successful Podcast Comeback With Fiancé Ryland Adams, Brother Jerid Yaw & Friend Chris Station




Shane Dawson has made a successful comeback with his podcast, The Shane Dawson Podcast.

The 33-year-old actor, director and influencer relaunched his YouTube career after taking a two years hiatus from social media.

In June 2020, Dawson uploaded a video to his main YouTube channel where he apologised for content that began resurfacing from old videos that he created earlier in his acting career.

When making a return to his social media life in October 2021, he said in a video that he was “embarrassed over a lot of stuff” and explained, “All of that. Awful. Then it snowballed. If I talk about it how I really feel, people are going to say ‘oh you’re trying to get sympathy.’ I feel like people are going to hate me no matter what, and I kind of just have to accept it.


I think part of me was upset because I made so much growth, and now I’m being cancelled over things in the past, and that’s not me anymore… it made me realise that I can’t focus on what other people think of me, I learned a lot. I’m so happy it happened.”

Since rebooting his career, Shane has battled his way back to being able to create the content that he once made, which included skit material, conspiracy theory content and more recently a successful return to a podcast. A recent episode of The Shane Dawson Podcast, his brother, Jerid Yaw, fiancé Ryland Adams and friend Chris Station all shared their darkest moments in life which led onto Dawson touching on the subject of his cancelling.

He explained, “For me, I don’t want to harp on about it too much … at some point I really do want to talk more about the cancellation and what it felt like because I think that every year that goes by, I think that more and more people can relate to the experience of being cancelled, because its not just YouTubers that get cancelled, it’s literally everyone … teachers, in your everyday jobs – an employee says something about you and now you are fired.

So much worse than being a YouTuber. At the end of the day I was very grateful and lucky that we have a house and I have you [Ryland] and I have all these things, but I can’t imagine being a teacher and a bunch of things are happening and now you are cancelled and now you are fired and now you can’t provide for your family. That’s so f****** horrifying.


I want to talk about it at some point, more in depth … for me, what I will say is this; the darkest moment obviously was a couple of years ago and I think the hardest part was feeling very alone, and like all of my self worth and everything was gone. I had you [Ryland] and family but I felt very like, what do I have to offer now I’m tainted? Now I’m cancelled. Nobody wants to be by me, nobody wants to work with me, nobody is going to want to make anything with me, and all I want to do is make stuff, and no friends are going to want to be friends with me, nobody is going to want to be near me… I’m cancer.

It felt like I was a disease. That can make you feel like you don’t want to live. I think going through therapy, I really reconnected with myself and finding out what I can offer besides making things. I have more to offer as a person and in the real world I can help people. I can connect with people. I can make someones day by talking to them. The more I was connecting to myself as a real person and helping people in real life, and getting in touch with myself, that was when my wanting to live started to come back. If you are feeling really depressed, and you are feeling like a loser, and have no worth and you are lonely and that you suck … help someone else. Do something for someone else. Go and walk somebodies dog. It sounds stupid, but helping another human being besides yourself will make you feel purpose. There is so much purpose out there in life and it doesn’t have to involve you getting validation from people on the internet. It can come from helping other people … Go help someone.”

Since his return, videos uploaded to just the second channel that Shane owns are reaching millions of viewers which shows a successful comeback after a lengthy hiatus in a world of social media influencers that can often be easily forgotten and discredited.

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