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“Silence Speaks Volumes,” Says Mother Of Gabby Petito




The family of Gabby Petito says the silence of Brian Laundrie’s family “speaks volumes”.

Their comments came as part of an interview with 60 Minutes Australia, covering the murder of Gabby Petito and the search for Laundrie.

Gabby’s step-father Jim, who was quick to say that Laundrie was “hiding” not missing, added that he thought Laundrie’s family wasn’t doing much to find him.”We were up every day and every night until we found Gabby,” he said.

“Are the people who love him doing the same thing for him? And why not? Because if they were, then he’d be found by now.”


Asked what they made of the “deafening silence” from Laundrie’s family, Gabby’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, said it “spoke volumes”.

“I believe they know,” she said. “Probably. If not everything, they know most of the information. I would love to just face to face ask ‘Why are you doing this? Just tell me the truth’.”

Gabby’s father Joe also believes the Laundries‘ silence is cause for suspicion, saying that he couldn’t make sense of them not reaching out.


“You’d think there’d be some conversations,” said Joe. “You know, if Brian was staying at my house and Gabby returned to my house without him, in his vehicle, I’d be on the phone with the parents. Saying ‘Listen we’ve got an issue, we’ve got some stuff we’ve got to talk about like now. Call me back.’ You know that’d be me.”

“It’s torturous,” he admitted. “If they do know something and they’re withholding that and they don’t want to let us know… yeah that’s cruel.”

“You know, and if you don’t know and you’re still not saying something – still cruel. That is my opinion.”

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