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‘Spy’ Helped Investigate Harvey Weinstein Accusers Including Rose McGowan



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A man claiming to have spied on over 90 people that accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse. 

Seth Freedman has admitted to helping the disgraced film producer gather intelligence for a firm called Black Cube.

According to Freedman, in 2016 the spy-organisation was paid “a seven-figure sum” by the 67-year-old in return to gather “huge amounts of intelligence” for Weinstein.

In an attempt to obtain information directly from accusers, the former Black Cube employee would trick people into giving long interviews by pretending to work for his old newspaper, The Guardian.


The information would then be given to his employer who in turn passed the details to Harvey — this would often provide advance warning of potentially new allegations.

Rose McGowan was victim to the trick after she gave a 75-minute interview over the telephone, under the belief the details given would publish in The Guardian. 

She allegedly told Freedman that she was planning to break an agreement signed with Harvey to open up about her alleged rape in her then-upcoming memoir, Brave.

In a Los Angeles federal court in October 2019, McGowan filed against Weinstein, Black Cube and two of his ex-attorneys, saying, “This case is about a diabolical and illegal effort by one of America’s most powerful men and his representatives to silence sexual assault victims,”


Freedman says, “I don’t feel guilty about anything I did for Black Cube … My job is to get a piece of information that isn’t freely available, and as long as I stay within the letter of the law, I’m not worried about your ethics when you judge me … I don’t need to sit and state down the camera and say, ‘I’m so guilty; I’m so sorry’ — because I’m not.”

He furthers that he doesn’t “care if people wanna sit and sermonise and say, ‘That’s so awful, she was a survivor’ — I’m totally neutral about the whole thing,” before claiming that spying campaigns are now “the new normal,” insisting, “Had McGowan hired Black Cube to find out what Weinstein was saying about her, they would have been the heroes of the day. For my part, I would have done the same job for her as I did for Weinstein.”

Jury selection started last week and the trial is slated to begin January 22, 2020, after Harvey was charged with two counts of predatory sex assault, two counts of rape and one count of criminal sex act — all against three women. If he is found guilty, he faces up to life in prison.

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