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“Clueless” Actress Stacey Dash Claims Self Defence In Domestic Violence Arrest



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UPDATE at 18:42 hours: Stacey’s manager says that she acted in self-defence and that Jeffrey attacked her first. According to, Marty allegedly attempted to choke Stacey — when she called 911 and law enforcement arrived, because she wasn’t visably injured and Jeffrey had the scratches, she was the one arrested.


Stacey Dash was arrested for domestic violence after allegedly attacking her husband.

The Clueless actress was arrested in Florida on Sunday after she allegedly got into a heated debate with her new husband.


Law enforcement sources are saying that Jeffrey Marty, Stacey’s husband, was the victim of an attack at the hands of his wife.

The alleged incident took place in Pasco County at their home; law enforcement was called to a home around 7:45 PM to a report of a domestic dispute.

Cops arrived at the address to find that Stacey had allegedly pushed and slapped Jeffrey which left scratches on his left arm, according to

She’s currently being held on a $500 bail after she was taken into custody with law enforcement keeping her for around 24-hours to ensure the incident red-mist levels for both parties involved have worn off.


An update on Jeffrey, a lawyer, is unknown at the moment, but separation is key, according to sources.

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