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Stephen A. Smith Nearly Died After Being Hospitalized With COVID-19




ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith has revealed he nearly died after being hospitalized with COVID-19 over the New Year weekend. 

The 54-year-old TV show host, who returned to ESPN’s First Take this week, shared new details about his serious bout with the virus, saying: “It almost took me out.”

“I didn’t know if I was going to make it. They told me, had I not been vaccinated, I wouldn’t be here. That’s how bad it was,” he said.

Smith revealed his battle with COVID-19 included a 103-degree fever “every night”, as well as pneumonia in both his lungs.


“I had pneumonia in both lungs. My liver was bad. It ravaged me. You’re assuming that you’ll have a fever, might have a cough, gonna have that massive headache — but you’ll get over it. In a lot of cases that was the case. In my case it was totally different,” he said.

Although he’s now testing negative for the virus, Smith said he was still on the road to recovery as his lungs are still not 100%.

Check out his full testimony below.


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