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Storage Wars’ Dan Dotson Sells $7.5 million




Imagine you buy contents within a storage unit during an auction for $500 (est. £389) and walk away $7.5 million (est. £5.845,674). 

In Dan Dotson’s experience, it happened.

Earlier this week an episode of Storage Wars aired and viewers witnessed the usual auctioneer speaking sentences faster than the average person can process. Dan was bidding on a storage unit that had a safe inside, and once he won the auction for a measly $500 (in comparison to the contents), he became a multimillionaire.

Shortly after the win, he posted a YouTube video where he explains the aftermath.


An attorney for the previous owner offered him $600,000 (est. £467,928) for the safe and contents, but soon doubled that offer to $1.2 million (est. £935,856). Dan accepted and still walked away a millionaire.

It’s about time he fell into some good news as June 2014, he suffered a double brain haemorrhage followed by a long period of recovery.

You can see in this video Dan containing his excitement but Laura Dotson, his wife (also an auctioneer) can be seen beaming; wouldn’t you?

An important question has been asked — if you were in their position and was offered over half the value, would you accept?