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Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul Ending Their Clout-Relationship



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Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul are no longer a clout-couple … a source tells unCrazed. 

Jake and Tana were set to be the forever couple but less than two months after their alleged wedding, unCrazed can confirm they are no longer continuing their relationship.

A source connected to the duo tells us that Tana has spoken with multiple people within her inner circle saying she wants now to be disassociated from the Paul branding.

We’re told Jake is on good terms with Tana as friends and as clout-workers … but the reality star hoe wants to move on from the rapidly failing relationship. It was a disaster from the start with both finding themselves newly single when joining forces to create videos together.


unCrazed spoke with a source from the Los Angeles County Registrar office who says a marriage license application hasn’t been received nor one processed for either of them.

You may have noticed in recent videos, the wedding rings used at their alleged wedding ceremony are never to be seen — and although Tana tries to keep up with the Paul branding on social media, including her YouTube channel, Jake has almost erased the clout-business movement from his accounts.

Tana and Jake supposedly tied the knot back in July after less than two months of dating, but we told you from day dot that it was all to gage extra views and interest in their online brands.

The official “We’re Getting A DIVORCE” video will be published in 3…2…


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