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Taylor Swift Re-Recording Albums Will Skyrocket Profits



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Taylor Swift could settle with Scooter Braun purchasing her masters’ tracks … instead, she plans to re-record each one and start again. 

The Lover singer has recently stated that she would re-record her original music in an effort to reclaim the masters’ rights — and according to The Blast, she would be in for huge streaming profits.

Music industry insiders are saying that very successful musical acts typically release multiple versions of their original music, usually a live album or greatest hits version but in this case, huge profit comes from streaming.

Due to the various versions of one particular song, for example, listeners and fans usually end up streaming the original track.


As Taylor doesn’t own the rights to her original song masters, she has now considered re-recording the original tracks — Braun lawsuit incoming — in this case, if she were to do this, her streaming profit would skyrocket.

Swift has a very strong fanbase and the likely hood of her fans streaming the original tracks that are now profited into the hands of Scooter are slim, meaning if she were to re-record the tracks, The Swifties would be all over the re-recorded versions equalling huge profit for Taylor; whereas comparison interested people that are impartial to the Swift vs Braun feud would help Scooter profit too.You can find more celebrity news on our website.