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Taylor Swift Gets Candid About Writing Music Under A Pseudonym




Taylor Swift just got candid during an interview and admits to writing music under a pseudonym.

The 30-year-old Lover singer was interviewed by Sir Paul McCartney for Rolling Stone when she explained the situation.

She opened up saying, “I think, when a pseudonym comes in is when you still have a love for making the work and you don’t want the work to become overshadowed by this thing that’s been built around you, based on what people know about you. And that’s when it’s really fun to create fake names and write under them,”

McCartney asked whether she has ever done that, to which Swift responded, “Oh yeah,” with The Beatles bandmember furthering, “Oh, well, we didn’t know that! Is that a widely known fact?”


The Folklore singer answered, saying, “I think it is now, but it wasn’t I wrote under the name Nils Sjöberg because those are two of the most popular names of Swedish males. I wrote this song called This Is What You Came For that Rihanna ended up singing. And nobody knew for a while. I remembered always hearing that when Prince wrote Manic Monday, they didn’t reveal it for a couple of months,”

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