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‘Saved By The Bell’ Star Tiffani Thiessen Gifts Mark-Paul Gosselaar Fresh Produce




Tiffani Thiessen is supporting her co-star Mark-Paul Gosselaar by gifting fresh produce.

The Saved by the Bell actress wanted to help out Gosselaar, who is also on quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic, by picking up eggs from her garden.

Turns out, Thiessen hosts a huge garden of fruit trees, vegetables and several chickens.


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Special delivery and pick up. #buttnuggets

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During an interview with ET, she said, “I’ve gotten a lot of phone calls lately of people wanting produce, and there’s so much citrus happening right now… I’m definitely a hot commodity in the neighbourhood. He [Mark-Paul] actually came to me. What I did is I actually put them outside our gates and then he actually came by and picked them up because he was out and about.


He doesn’t live far. Maybe 15 minutes, 10 minutes at most. So he’s not far at all. We wake up every morning feeling thankful that we’re healthy and that we have each other, and everybody in my circle is good. It is what it is and we’re trying to make the best of it.”

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