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‘Tiger King’ Star Allen Glover Confesses to Perjury During Joe Exotic Trial




Allen Glover, one of the Tiger King stars that testified against former zookeeper Joe Exotic during his murder-for-hire case has retracted his testimony.

Exotic, real name Joseph Schreibvogel, became a Netflix sensation in 2019 after the streaming giant aired the first season of Tiger King that followed the life of a zookeeper. Throughout the series viewers watched as Joe was pushed to his limits before his world crumbled around him in what many deem to be a chaotic turn of events.

One of Exotic‘s rivals in the animal kingdom was and still is, Carole Baskin, who he was accused of staging a murder-for-hire on, another area the series covers. As the case against Joe was beginning to gain traction, those around him, close friends and employees, were called in to testify against him. Glover was just one of those people who at the time of the court hearing testified against Exotic.

In a groundbreaking video today, Allen has confessed to committing perjury during the trial. In a video that has been released by Florida based lawyer, John M. PhillipsGlover is seated with Joe‘s attorney Amy Hanna and a paralegal when he’s given two statements to answer. In the first statement he’s told, “I’m going to start with Paragraph 4. Tell me yes or no, true or false, OK or inaccurate. I committed perjury during my grand jury testimony regarding my involvement as the hitman in the murder-for-hire.”


Allen pauses for a brief moment before responding, “Correct.” — another statement is posed to him that reads, “I committed perjury during my trial testimony regarding my involvement as the hitman in the murder-for-hire.” again with Glover admitting, “Correct.”

Speaking to Phillips, he told unCrazed, “I want to personally thank Allen Glover for meeting with us. We had an in-depth discussion about what really happened during those crucial months and how it led to the conviction in USA v. Joseph A Maldonado, including his admissions of perjury, collusion by federal agents and others and a desire to get rid of Joe at any cost. More coming soon.”

unCrazed will be reporting on the developments of this case, and the upcoming resentencing of Joe.

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