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‘TikTok’ Star Avani Reyes Accused Of Defrauding Young Fans Of Thousands Of Dollars




TikTok star Avani Reyes has been accused by users of the social media platform of stealing thousands of dollars.

The 20-year-old self-proclaimed “Trans Alien” was the latest fame-hungry star to put Gorilla Glue in their hair before visiting the hospital to receive treatment but was soon turned away with recommendations on ways to remove the super glue.

According to Reyes, the hospital only provided information on ways to remove the not-advised-for-hair super glue, including treatments of coconut oil and shaving off their hair. Avani goes on to attempt the coconut oil treatment which according to the social media star, failed.


@avanireyes♬ original sound – Avani

In a series of videos, failed attempts are made to remove the glue from their hair which led to Reyes setting up a GoFundMe campaign, raising thousands of dollars, to enable them to receive surgery. One user even claimed to donate $3,000, with others chipping in hundreds each, raising more than $5,000.


@avanireyes♬ original sound – Avani

Since the campaign started, Avani posted a recent video saying thank you to their followers for donating, and that the surgery will be taking place in Los Angeles. Days later, a new video was posted stating, “Hey guys, whats up, I just wanted to come on here really quick and let you guys know that I did get the Gorilla Glue out of my hair. You guys know that I have been dealing with my Gorilla Glue situation. I just want to thank this product [Coconut Oil] right here, for helping the Gorilla Glue get out and thank you guys so much.”


@avanireyes♬ original sound – Avani


@avanireyesReply to @.lmfaohannah♬ original sound – Avani

Meanwhile in the comment section of new videos posted by the TikTok star, users are accusing Reyes for failing to refund donators, saying they have been defrauded and are demanding repayments since the campaign was to raise money for surgery — which never happened.


@avanireyes♬ original sound – Avani

Other commenters suggest that a GoFundMe never even happened and that it’s all a “joke” with some highlighting that making a joke about the Tessica Brown situation is “disrespectful” — unCrazed has reached out to Avani, so far, no word back.


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