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TikTok Star ‘JinnKid’ Pleads Not Guilty In Double-Murder Shooting of Wife & Friend




TikTok star that goes by the username JinnKid has pleaded not guilty after a double-murder involving his wife and friend took place at their apartment.

According to law enforcement, Ali Abulaban allegedly murdered his wife after he doubted her faithfulness to him. Prosecutors disagree with this due to the fact their understanding is Ana Abulaban, the now deceased, was seeking to divorce Ali and were no longer in a committed relationship, with him now out of the family home and staying in a hotel.

In the prosecutors verdict, Ali installed a listening software onto his young daughters iPad that allowed him to tap into the device to gain access and listen to what was being picked up by the devices microphone whilst he stayed in another location out and away of the home of his daughter and her other, Ana.

Ali allegedly overheard laughing of his estranged wife and another male to which he then left the hotel he was residing in to attend the property where Ana was living in California, before shooting her friend Rayburn Cadenas Barron three times, and her in the forehead. Ali has pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and special circumstance allegations of multiple killings.


His social media following exceeded millions across his platforms that include TwitterFacebookInstagram and TikTok, all of which are still publicly accessible at the time of publishing this story. Content posted by Ali often mimicked mafia style film characters that he would portray in a comedic style.

A recent video shared to his TikTok account showed that of him dancing to a Michael Jackson song as he performed in a kitchen with his young daughter filming the event.


@jinnkidMoonwalk. ##michaeljackson ##moonwalk♬ Billie Jean – Michael Jackson


In the video, he dances around the kitchen before leaning into the camera miming the lyrics, Don’t go around breaking young girls hearts.

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