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TikTok Sues Trump Administration Over App Banning In The United States




TikTok has gone ahead with their message earlier this month by suing the Trump Administration.

The President made an executive order which is set to ban the application in the United States due to privacy concerns relating to US citizens.

In a new lawsuit filed by the ByteDance owned social media app, TikTok argues that the ban should be blocked from happening, citing, “To be clear, we far prefer constructive dialogue over litigation, but with the Executive Order threatening to bring a ban on our U.S. operations – eliminating the creation of 10,000 American jobs and irreparably harming the millions of Americans who turn to this app for entertainment, connection, legitimate livelihoods that are vital especially during the pandemic – we simply have no choice.”

The company claims the pending ban violates their free speech rights with the computer code being used as a type of expression – which is protected under the First Amendment. TikTok believes President Donald Trump has exceeded his authority in issuing the order, and declaring a “national emergency” for the ban left the company without any opportunity to express their voice.


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