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Timmy Thick Returns With Answered Questions & Slammed For Racist Comment



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Timmy Thick has returned to social media after taking a break to “focus on myself” since the Harvard University claim in 2018.

The social media personality started posting under the username TIMMYTHEBARBIE on Instagram in 2016 where a large following was accrued.

Usually, Thick would post photos that caused outrage, support and concern leading to multiple accounts owned by the 20-year-old to receive a ban from Instagram. Raunchy content was to blame, according to followers that were trying to tell the alleged Harvard study to slow it down with non-Instagram friendly images.

On March 17, 2018, one tweet came from Timmy’s Twitter account that read, “Good Evening, “timmythick” was a 24 month sociological study conducted by Harvard University. We are now complete with our study. Thank you for your time.”


On December 2, 2019, a tweet appeared from the official @timmythick account, that reads, “documentary coming soon” which has been followed by another asking followers, “HEY, YALL WANT THE DOCUMENTARY FOR CHRISTMAS OR 2020?” with a community poll to gauge a response which already has over 13,000 votes.

In a recent video uploaded by Thick, various common questions received by followers are answered, including, “Why have I been gone for so long?” and “What do you say to haters?”

Another question is, “Has a fan ever asked for pictures when I’m out in public?” with the answer causing controversy on social media. Timmy answered, “I can’t go no where, the mall, the movies, nothing, without a group of five, six females, or n******, it don’t matter, coming up to me,”


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The use of the N-word has outraged many, with one user writing, “5 or 6 or WHAT?!” followed by another commenter saying, “How is he gonna live this down? back all of a sudden and drops a BOMBSHELL on us with THAT word,”


Some believe Thick’s account will be suspended soon due to the controversy surrounding the account, including the use of the N-word.

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