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Tom Cruise & Elisabeth Moss Are Dating?



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Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Moss are rumoured to be dating, according to OK!

It stems from an interview that Elisabeth had with Marie Claire where she explained that she has a boyfriend who “shall remain nameless” simply because she wants her private life to remain that way.

Of course, this set tabloids into a frenzy to fabricate stories and use very unreliable sources — in fact, questions are raised as to whether these stories are just made up without citing any sources.

OK!’s alleged insider claims, “Elisabeth has known Tom forever because they both belong to the Church of Scientology. But early last year, she told a friend a shocking secret: She’s always had a crush on him. She had no idea word would get back to Tom and it would bring them together.”

unCrazed has spoken with our sources, and they’re telling is this is “completely bogus” and a vicious rumour for purchases of their tabloid.