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Tom Cruise Shouts At ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ Crew Members For Breaching COVID Restrictions On Set




Tom Cruise exploded at crew members on the set of Mission: Impossible 7.

The 58-year-old Top Gun actor was filming at Warner Bros. studio when an incident involving two crew members occurred in that during a scene said production crew mates stood within less than two metres of each other.

During the pandemic, rules across the world have become mostly uniform in terms of social distancing and general hygiene to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

It was apparent that Cruise saw this as a serious problem after Hollywood production as a whole came to an abrupt stop in early March leading to the billion dollar industry crumble and saw thousands lose their jobs, home and basic life essentials.


Audio has surfaced that was captured during a break in between scenes by an anonymous worker on the M:I 7 set. A very upset Tom can be heard shouting and swearing at multiple employees after the social distancing rules were breached, with him saying “We want the gold standard. They[re back in Hollywood making movies right now because of us.

Because they believe in us and what we’re doing. I’m on the phone with every f****** studio at night, insurance companies, producers, and they’re looking at us and using us to make their movies. We are creating thousands of jobs you motherf******. I don’t ever want to see it again, ever. And if you don’t do it you’re fired, if I see you do it again you’re f****** gone. And if anyone in this crew does it – that’s it, and you too and you too. And you, don’t you ever f****** do it again.”

He continues to shout, saying, “If we shut down it’s going to cost people f****** jobs, their home, their family. That’s what’s happening. All the way down the line. And I care about you guys, but if you’re not going to help me you’re gone. OK? Do you see that stick? How many metres is that? When people are standing around a f****** computer and hanging out around here, what are you doing? And if they don’t comply then send their names to Matt Spooner. That’s it.”

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