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Tom Hanks Sings Happy Birthday To A Fan



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Tom Hanks made Samantha Aragon’s birthday celebrations even more spectacular. 

By chance, the two-time Oscar winner was having dinner in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at Ruth’s Chris Steak House — and so was Samantha.

She noticed her table, with friends and family, was situated next to Tom’s table. It got her excited, and she said, “Can he just sing happy birthday to me,”

Moments later, Tom approached Samantha, and said, “Well, where’s your dessert? We would’ve sang to you,” to which she replied, “Well, we haven’t gotten it yet.” — “I’ll sing to you anyways,” Tom said.


Here’s the moment, which Samantha describes as “probably the best 12 seconds of my life.”

He will appear in the final instalment of Toy Story on June 21, 2019.