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Trisha Paytas Announces Departure From ‘Frenemies’ Podcast




YouTube sensation Trisha Paytas has announced their exit from the popular ‘Frenemies‘ podcast, hosted opposite H3H3‘s Ethan Klein.

Their announcement came after Paytas and Klein had an on-screen disagreement in the latest episode of their podcast.

It began when Paytas stated they disliked a segment they were doing and suggested the podcast was becoming “lazy”.

“A lazy podcast? You don’t do anything for it – you just show up. We do all the work,” Klein responded.


The episode deteriorated further, with both hosts accusing each other of “gaslighting”, before Paytas asked the show to end.

Now in their own video, Paytas said it was time to leave the podcast.

“I have this feeling in my heart that I need to step away from Frenemies,” they announced.

“Its really, really really with a heavy heart that I say that. Because it has been my stability. My regular thing once a week that I absolutely look forward to.”

Klein addressed Paytas‘ departure on Twitter.


Trisha wrote extensively on social media about what happened and apologised.

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