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Tupac Shakur Sex Scene Art He Drew In Jail On Auction



? Michael Angelo

Tupac Shakur was a master of art in many forms — and seemingly drawing art was part of that.

Whilst in prison, Tupac sent a hand-drawn love letter to his girlfriend themed around a passionate moment.

That same drawing is now on auction, just in time for the festive period. According to Steiner Auctions, you can get your hands on the drawings, envelope and card which were created in 1995 during Tupac’s stint at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York.

You can see the pictures over at — they aren’t safe for work, so if you are reading this around friends, colleagues or family, be warned, you may be a little red-faced if you are caught browsing intimate drawings of Tupac and his former girlfriend, Desiree Smith.